The best travel destinations in February 2022

The best travel destinations in February 2022

February is one of the wonderful months to embark on a quiet and enjoyable tourist holiday, as it is a month less cold than December and January, and at the same time it is still early for the tourist congestion in various cities and destinations.

And when choosing travel destinations in February, it is necessary to think of destinations that carry the charming atmosphere of calm and relaxing scenes in a spirit of romance in the month of love.

Today, we learn about a group of the most beautiful travel destinations in February, distinguished by its historical and classic charm, and attractive scenes of nature, to enjoy a winter holiday full of calm and relaxation.

1. Colmar

The French city of Colmar is one of the most beautiful, quiet and elegant tourist destinations suitable for recreation in the month of February, between luscious nature scenes, historical architectural monuments and a classic atmosphere with a romantic character.

Uniquely located between France, Germany and Switzerland, Colmar enjoys a charming atmosphere with canals, elegant cafes and restaurants and luxurious shopping streets ideal for winter holidays.

Visitors to Colmar enjoy walking among the most beautiful views of the mountains, mountain houses made of wood, attractive gardens such as the Champ de Paris and charming meadows, as well as the most wonderful historical monuments such as churches and Gothic palaces.

Colmar also offers the magic of a winter holiday with funicular rides, relaxing tours of the vineyards, and the romantic charm of Lesser Venice with traditional homes, local markets, souvenir shops and a riverboat scene.

In the old city, you can enjoy the most beautiful historical atmosphere with wonderful cafes and restaurants sitting in the antique squares, walking in the cobbled alleys and the opportunity to buy handmade souvenirs from ancient shops.

You can also explore the Dominican Church, which is distinguished by its location in Dominican Square and dates back to the 13th century, resplendent with Gothic charm and wonderful historical holdings of paintings and antiques.

2. Granada

The name of the city of Granada is synonymous with the charm of the Andalusian civilization, the picturesque historical architecture and the beautiful nature. The Spanish city shines with a deep-rooted history that reaches back to the Roman era, and many civilizations passed through it, such as the Arab and Gothic civilizations.

Granada has a picturesque setting of charming medieval architecture and old neighborhoods, as well as a resplendent collection of churches, ancient mosques, luxurious palaces and gardens.

One cannot miss a visit to the most wonderful historical landmarks of Granada, such as the Alhambra Palace, which is resplendent with the splendor of Andalusian architecture, and the Palace of the Generalife, which is distinguished by its charming orchards and water canals with a breathtaking scenery, or to see the Granada Cathedral, which has a wonderful Gothic style, which is distinguished by its amazing decorations and bears different architectural styles, given that it was a mosque in the era of Andalusia.

For great times of relaxation and charm of history, visit the ancient Albayazin district, which dates back to the 11th century and shines with antique alleys, historic gates, handicraft shops, cafes and restaurants serving authentic cuisine.

3. Bergamo

Bergamo is one of the charming Italian destinations that sparkle with the splendor of the Middle Ages and the beautiful nature, ideal for a quiet holiday, where the sights of mountains, gardens and farms blend with historical architecture and monuments.

In Bergamo, you can enjoy the most wonderful tours in the old streets and alleys full of the spirit of the Middle Ages, and sit in the old cafes and restaurants that serve the finest Italian dishes.

You can also get to know the atmosphere of the old town, which is resplendent with picturesque medieval landmarks, from the ancient walls, cathedrals, castles, palaces and old squares such as Piazza Vecchia, which is distinguished by the most beautiful cafes and souvenir shops.

The city of Bergamo shines with the most beautiful monuments, such as the charming Gothic church of Santa Maria Maggiore, dating back to the tenth century, the Colony Church with the most beautiful historical artifacts from the 13th century, the Gothic-style Basilica of Sant'Alessandro, the theater and the Baroque opera. The city is like a tour in the pages of romantic history.

4. Salzburg

Salzburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Austria and a quiet tourist destination suitable for a magical winter holiday in February, where the city sparkles with the splendor of classic architecture, cheerful gardens and distinctive museums.

In Salzburg, you can have a good time getting acquainted with the Domkarti Museum Complex, which is 5 museums inside medieval buildings and the Salzburg Cathedral Museum.

You can also visit the Salzburg Museum of Art, which has an impressive collection of historical paintings, or the historic Heilborn Palace, with its Baroque style and charming gardens with a charming design.

Salzburg boasts an enchanting array of monuments such as castles and palaces such as the dazzling Renaissance-style Mirabell Palace with stunning gardens and the Gothic-style Hohen Palace.

Relaxing in Salzburg's Old Town cannot be missed, where the charming medieval atmosphere shines in the squares and narrow streets marked by antique buildings such as churches, souvenir shops and old bookshops, as well as attractive cafes ideal for coffee and dessert in a quiet romantic setting.

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