Study: Omicron's second copy is more contagious than the original 2022

Study: Omicron's second copy is more contagious than the original 2022

A Danish study published on Monday showed that another version of omicron called BA.2 is more contagious than the initial BA.1 version.

The Danish Infectious Diseases Control Authority said during a statement: The study shows that if someone in your house is infected with BA.2, there's an overall risk of 39% that another person within the home is infected within the first week, on the opposite hand, if someone is infected with BA.1, the danger would be 29% Danish authority announced on January 26. Unvaccinated people also are  more likely to be infected with BA.2 compared to PA.1,” Dr. Camilla Holten Mueller said within the statement

The doctor explained that the study also shows that vaccinated people, especially people who received the dose, are much less likely to be infected.

Despite a record number of injuries, with a 43% increase within the number of recent infections recorded within the past seven days, the European country , which has 5.8 million inhabitants, is preparing to lift all health restrictions on Tuesday, noting high vaccination rate and lack of Omicron causing severe symptoms. .

The study was conducted by researchers from the authority in coordination with Danish universities between December 20 and January 18, and it included around 18,000 people.

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