Study: Omicron may be an indication of the end of Corona in 2022

Study: “Omicron” may be an indication of the end of Corona in 2022

The "Omicron" mutant may be an indication of the end of the epidemiological phase of the Corona pandemic, this was concluded by a study conducted by researchers in South Africa, the country from which the mutant was launched into the world.

The study was carried out on people with corona in a hospital in South Africa and showed that the wave of infection was moving at record speed and caused milder illness compared to previous strains.

According to Bloomberg, the researchers who conducted the study said that if this pattern continues and repeats globally, we could see a change in mortality rates, indicating that Omicron could be a precursor to the end of the epidemic. stage of the Corona epidemic.

The study, which was conducted at the Steve Biko university hospital complex, took 466 patients from the current wave and 3,976 from previous waves of infection.

According to the study, the transition from the epidemic to the endemic stage, and broad exposure to it, will give more people immunity that leads to less severe disease, but the study indicated that the virus can further develop into a strain that causes more severe disease.

The study showed that only 4.5% of Corona patients died during their hospital stay in the current wave, compared to an average of 21% in previous waves, and hospital stays were much longer short.

The study found that:

The median length of hospitalization was 4 days, compared to 8.8 in previous waves.

The average age of those admitted was 39, down from around 50 in previous waves.

The rate of admission to intensive care units fell from 4.3% to 1% of patients.

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