Studies: the omicron mutant often does not damage the lungs in 2022

Studies: the omicron mutant often does not damage the lungs in 2022

Studies: the omicron mutant often does not damage the lungs in 2022

During the past weeks, the results of studies began to follow regarding the extent of the danger of the Omicron mutant, and some of them showed that this mutant may not be as dangerous as the Delta mutant, and it is believed that one of the factors that makes this mutant less dangerous than its predecessors is that its effect may not affect the lungs.

Studies: the omicron mutant often does not damage the lungs

According to a group of recently published scientific studies, it is believed that the Omicron mutant may infect the throat with higher chances of infecting the lungs, and this factor in particular is what may make the Omicron mutant less dangerous than its predecessors, and at the same time more capable of rapid spread.

According to the outputs of six studies whose results were released between the last third of December of last year and the beginning of this year, it was noted that the Omicron mutant:

In contrast to some previous Omicron mutant such as the delta mutant, no major tissue damage may occur in the lungs.

The recovery period is often quick, as the body tends to get rid of it and fight it off at a faster rate than the rest of the mutants.

In some cases, it may only trigger a non-serious form of pneumonia.

However, it should be noted that the mentioned studies have not yet been peer-reviewed by researchers and scientists, so their results are preliminary.

Omicron mutant: affects the upper airways

It is believed that the many mutations that generated the Omicron mutant have led to changes that made it more capable of infecting certain types of cells without others. Throat, so that virus replication processes are concentrated in the throat instead of in the inner lung tissue.

And the presence of the largest share of virus particles in the throat may be the scientific explanation for the rapid spread of this mutant, and it may also be the factor that may make it less dangerous, in light of the scientific data that the viruses that infect the cells of the inner lungs are often the most dangerous and slow-spreading viruses, and this Exactly what does not apply to the omicron mutant.

Mutated omicron: Less dangerous but caution is required

Although many preliminary scientific data have indicated that it may be less dangerous than its predecessors, this does not mean complacency with the preventive measures taken towards the emerging corona virus, as:

There are deaths reported due to infection with the Omicron mutant.

The Omicron mutant may cause serious complications for certain groups, such as: Those with weak immunity.

The omicron mutant can penetrate the immunity acquired from basic doses of vaccines, and in return booster doses can provide partial immunity to it.

It should also be noted that it may not be easy to detect infection with the Omicron mutant through a nasal swab, but it may need to undergo a throat swab as well to obtain more accurate results, so you may be infected and may spread the infection to groups at risk of this mutant without knowing if you do not know. Adhere to preventive measures.

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