Screams and shouts at the site of Operation Rescue Baby Rayan

Screams and shouts at the site of Operation Rescue Baby Rayan

In urgent news, Al Arabiya satellite channel correspondent said that an ambulance and a medical team entered the tunnel leading to the place of the child Rayan, who fell last Tuesday in a well in Morocco.

The site of the excavation also witnessed wide movements from a camera belonging to the Moroccan official television, as well as the movements of security forces (gendarmerie) to keep people away from the road leading to the field hospital or the ambulance, which is 5 km away.

It is noteworthy that an official source in the electronic newspaper "Hespress" announced that the rescue workers are facing many difficulties, due to the difficult terrain and the danger of soil erosion.

Hespress newspaper noted that the rescuers are in danger of fainting, due to the poor oxygen inside the well, which was created at a depth of 32 metres.

Despite the difficulties, the works are progressing vigorously, but with great care to avoid any possible collapse of the earth.

continues to cover the rescue of the child Rayan and the latest developments, moment by moment, the latest of which was the approach of a Moroccan medical team to the tunnel to complete the operation to save the child Rayan.

In addition, the rescuers of the Civil Protection in Morocco, started a short time ago, in the process of manually digging the short distance that separates them from the child Rayan, who is lying in a hole 32 meters deep.

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