Queen Elizabeth II ... the latest developments in her health condition after contracting Covid-19

Queen Elizabeth II

A state of anxiety aroused by Buckingham Palace after it announced two days ago that the Queen of Britain, Queen Elizabeth II, had been infected with the Corona virus, known scientifically as “Covid-19”, and what heightened the concern was what the Royal Palace announced today, Tuesday, about canceling the virtual engagements planned by the Queen, despite the fact that She was told yesterday that she will continue to work remotely through the internet and phone until she recovers, and that Buckingham Palace will remain cautious about closing rules this week.

***The state of health of the Queen of Britain

But Buckingham Palace said earlier today that the 95-year-old Queen is still suffering from mild symptoms of corona, and that she plans to continue light tasks at Windsor Castle, due to her suffering from symptoms of corona that are similar to a cold, so she decided to cancel Some of her scheduled engagements, which was Prime Minister Boris Johnson's phone call tomorrow Wednesday at the usual weekly meeting, and she is likely to have other hypothetical activities planned in the diary. Members of the diplomatic corps at Windsor Castle at a reception, the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on 14 March, and a thank-you service for Prince Philip on 29 March, but all of that now depends on the Queen's health.

*** Doctors' opinion.

In turn, the doctors of the royal palace, who are familiar with the condition of the Queen of Britain, confirmed that it is possible that antiviral treatments will be provided by a team of royal doctors, after her positive test result.

***London Bridge and the death plan

A year ago, during the illness of the Queen of Britain, the so-called London Bridge plan was leaked, the plan containing official details of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, which was distributed to high-ranking political figures and civil servants.

The leaked document includes some details and specific plans for the period following the Queen's death over the past 18 months to include a reference to the challenges that will be faced during the Corona pandemic.

Ministries have also raised concerns about the extensive security operation that will accompany the event amid fears of an unprecedented influx of tourists, and those concerns include managing huge crowds in an attempt to avoid travel chaos and London becoming "full".

The document covers all possibilities, from how the Queen's coffin could be transported to London if she died outside the capital, to the drafting of notifications that permanent secretaries could send to departments charged with publishing the news.

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Breaking News The fact that Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Britain, died of the Corona virus


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