Pope Francis mourns the death of child Rayan

Pope Francis mourns the death of child Rayan

 Pope Francis praised the Moroccan people for their cooperation in trying to save the child Rayan who fell into a well, and declared that he was sad that their efforts did not succeed.

According to "Reuters", the Pope said during his weekly homily in St Peter's Square:  People clung together, to save Rayan, and worked together to get him out, but unfortunately their efforts did not succeed, and the child died. 

The rescuers did their best, but unfortunately they didn't succeed, but this was an example,  he added.

The Italians, on social media, were influenced by Ryan's story; Because it was similar to the tragedy of 1981, when dozens of rescuers tried to save the life of Joan Alfredo Rambi a 6-year-old boy who had been trapped in a well for three days before they rescued him, but died.

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Absentee prayer for the soul of the Moroccan child Rayan in Al-Aqsa Mosque and Gaza


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