Police face protests against coronavirus restrictions in Canada, Germany and the UK in 2022



London 36 people were arrested

The British capital, London, witnessed widespread protests yesterday, which ended with the police announcing the arrest of at least 36 people, and the injury of a number of its members during clashes with demonstrators.

The police reported that most of the detainees were arrested for breaking the stone.

The demonstration, which began at noon in Hyde Park, continued in central London. After that, a group of protesters returned to the park, where they threw projectiles at the police.

Many people have been injured as a result of these attacks," Lawrence Taylor, who commanded security operations, said in a statement.

He added, It is totally unacceptable and sad that those charged with enforcing a law designed to protect us all become victims of these violent attacks.

And on Saturday, about sixty British parliamentarians signed an appeal launched by human lefts groups, which said: The ban on demonstrations is unacceptable and probably illegal.

Since the beginning of January, residents of the British capital and other parts of England have been prevented from leaving their homes and allowed on limited travel.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson had promised to ease restrictions in light of the improvement in the epidemiological situation. The strict quarantine is supposed to be lifted at the end of the month.



Protests continue against the health restrictions imposed to contain the Corona virus, or what has been termed the "dictatorship of restrictions", after European countries witnessed several demonstrations yesterday that the police were on the lookout for, the last of which was in the Canadian city of Montreal.

More than 1,000 people participated in a demonstration against the measures taken to curb COVID-19 in Montreal, a police source said.

The demonstrators marched in the city's streets, chanting in particular the word freedom to denounce the measures taken to combat the spread of the virus in Quebec, one of the country's most affected provinces by the pandemic.

Police spokesman Jean-Pierre Braban said the demonstration "goed well", stressing that there were no casualties.

However, three armed attacks on members of the police were recorded.

The spokesman said: Three protesters were arrested, while a fine was imposed on others who did not wear masks, or did not adhere to social distancing.

Since the beginning of January, Quebec has been imposing a night curfew in particular, an unprecedented measure in Canada at the provincial level since the Spanish flu epidemic a century ago.

In Quebec alone, about a third of the cases of coronavirus that were detected in all of Canada (about 930,000) as well as nearly half of the 22,600 deaths.



In Germany, police used water cannons and pepper spray after a gathering of about 20,000 protesters against public isolation and other coronavirus rules in central Germany turned violent, with some protesters throwing bottles at police.

Protesters from across Germany gathered in the central German city of Kassel for the march, carrying banners reading "No mandatory vaccine" and Democracy will not tolerate censorship.

Police said on Twitter: Bottles were thrown and there were attempts to break through the barriers.

She added that the protesters violated instructions related to ensuring the safety of people, including by refusing to use masks and adhering to social distancing guidelines.

With Germany entering its fourth month of lockdown and vaccination efforts slowing compared to Britain and the United States, many are increasingly concerned that there is no clear path back to normal life.

German leaders at the general and regional levels are scheduled to hold consultations on Monday on the next steps in the general isolation.

But with the number of infections rising sharply as a result of the outbreak of more severe strains of infection, many politicians say it is too early to ease restrictions.

Snow demonstrations Protest marches in Canada against Corona restrictions in 2022


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