Poland's captain Robert Lewandowski supports his country's decision not to confront Russia after its invasion of the Ukraine

Poland's captain Robert Lewandowski supports his country's decision
Poland's captain Robert Lewandowski supports his country's decision

Warsaw: The Polish Football Association pre-empted any decision by its international counterpart (FIFA) regarding the confrontations with Russia within the qualifying supplement for the Qatar World Cup 2022, and announced on Saturday its refusal to confront it because of its invasion of Ukraine.

With the conflict entering its third day and the displacement of more than 50,000 Ukrainians, the president of the Polish Football Association, Cesare Kulesa, tweeted, The time for talk is over. It is time for action. Given the escalation of Russian aggression in Ukraine, the Polish national team is not thinking of playing the play-off against Russia adding that The only right decision. 

He said he would work with the Swedish and Czech federations (the winner between them faces the winner between Russia and Poland in Russia) to present a unified position to FIFA.

European supplement final

Within the second track in the European play-off semi-final, Russia was scheduled to host Poland on March 24 and Sweden to the Czech Republic on the same day, with the two winners facing Russia on the 29th of it in a final match for a qualifying ticket to the World Cup.

The three federations issued a consolidated statement on Thursday, calling on FIFA to transfer the play-off matches from Russia, which hosted the World Cup four years ago.

Poland captain Robert Lewandowski, who tweeted Friday that he would consult his teammates about the match, welcomed the decision of his country's federation.

Bayern Munich's top scorer tweeted The right decision! 

 I cannot imagine playing a match with the Russian national team while the armed aggression continues in Ukraine  he continued The Russian players and fans are not responsible  but we can't pretend that nothing happened  he added.

Infantino "worried"

In response to a question by AFP, there was no reaction from FIFA about the Polish position.

So far, the International Federation has not taken any measure towards Russia, saying only on Thursday that its president, Gianni Infantino, was concerned" about the tragic and frightening situation.

The Swiss-Italian added in a press conference The first match is in a month, of course we hope to resolve the issue long before that  But our office can make a decision at any time.

International sports federations took positions Thursday after the Russian army invaded Ukraine, starting with the European Union (UEFA), which stripped the Russian city of Saint Petersburg from hosting the Champions League final next May and awarded it to Paris.

UEFA also announced that none of its matches will be held on Russian and Ukrainian soil  until further notice  Spartak Moscow is still the only representative of the two countries, after qualifying for the round of 16 of the Europa League competition, where it faces Germany's Leipzig.

The organizers of the Formula One World Championships canceled the Russian Grand Prix scheduled for September, like all ski competitions in Russia, until the end of the winter season.

The International Olympic Committee called on all international sports federations to move or cancel all their competitions from Russia or Belarus, in addition to not playing the national anthem and raising the flag of the two countries, due to the violation of the Olympic truce.

A number of sponsorship contracts linked to Russia have been canceled, and many athletes have raised their voices towards what is happening in Ukraine.

 Everything that is beautiful in sport is not what war brings  Lewandowski, 33, wrote on Twitter.

 Please, no more war We must live in peace  Russian ice hockey star Alex Ovechkin called for peace after a training session in Philadelphia, echoing a similar message to fellow tennis player Andrey Rublev.

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200 Ukrainian civilians killed since the start of the Russian invasion


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