On the occasion of International Valentine's Day 2022, how do we protect the ones we love

On the occasion of International Valentine's Day 2022, how do we protect the ones we love

The International Day of Love is a message for all to revive love in the hearts, and a cry that alerts every person to the importance of love and peace in our lives. The International Day of Love is a beautiful meaning that reminds us that there is no life without love and no happiness without affection that fills hearts with a warm immersion that makes them forget their moans and tragedies, for this is how love is a doctor who does not His physician, and the end of every disease.

On the occasion of International Love Day, have we asked ourselves about the rights of those we love over us, have we fulfilled all our duties towards our love for them and their love for us, have the effects of love become clear on our lives as before, or do we need to remind ourselves that for love to remain, we must preserve those we love first to enjoy the benefits and taste The sweet fruits of love whose sweetness can never be forgotten.

And love is not limited to love between Adam and Eve only, because love includes all the noble and warm feelings in all relationships, motherhood, fatherhood, friendship, at school, at work, and in every field that brings people together under one umbrella. We protect the ones we love.

How do we preserve the ones we love on the International Valentine's Day?

1. Respect

On the International Day of Love, we must know that respect is inevitable and necessary to preserve those we love, because respect and love are inseparable companions and cannot be separated, and therefore we cannot preserve those we love without respecting them, because the lack of respect prevents the continuation of love, and accelerates the withdrawal of our loved ones from Our life.

2. Appreciation

Appreciating the ones we love is a beautiful and warm message on the International Day of Love and every moment that passes us during our walk with them, telling them that what they do for us is always appreciated, so keep your loved ones by appreciating them, appreciating their presence in your life, and appreciating the effort they make in preserving you.

3. Express feelings

On the International Day of Love, we must emphasize the importance of expressing feelings, so how can love and those we love remain in our world without expressing our feelings towards them, and without revealing the affection, intimacy and great love that the heart holds for them. on them.

4. Honesty

In order to preserve the ones we love, we must be honest in our feelings, and in our actions, but we must be honest with ourselves first in order to master honesty with others, because love is a beautiful condition that requires us to be honest to the extent that tells the one we love the truth of our feelings just by looking at them, because Honesty penetrates hearts, therefore, on the occasion of the International Day of Love, be honest with your loved ones, so that love may live forever without a cause that hurts the hearts of lovers.

5. Interest

Is it possible for a flower to flourish without the attention of its patron, this is how love does not flourish in hearts except with the attention of its limbs to each other, love remains where attention and care, so you must remember on the International Day of Love that attention is a sign of love and with it we preserve those we love.

6. Communication

Communication is the spirit of love, and it is another message that the International Love Day reminds us of as it is an important and necessary way to preserve the ones we love, especially after the worries and problems of life overwhelmed us, and after its constant struggles exhausted the best of us to separate us and isolate us from the ones we love despite our presence in the same world Same relationship, same place and time, so keep in touch with your loved ones.

7. Devotion

On the International Day of Love, we must not forget sincerity because it enhances the strength of the relationship and increases the strength of the cohesion of its parties, and because sincerity is the lover’s reward for the one he loves, and in appreciation of his presence in his world, so be faithful to your loved ones.

Finally, and on the occasion of the International Day of Love, we are pleased to share our opinion, how can we preserve the ones we love?

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