Omicron's daily injuries reach a peak in Austria 2022

Omicron's daily injuries reach a peak in Austria 2022

Omicron's daily injuries reach a peak in Austria 2022

Austrian Minister of Health Wolfgang Mokstein said that it is expected that infections with the "Omicron" mutant of the Corona virus have reached their peak, with daily infections reaching the level of 40,000 infections, and it is likely that infections will begin to decline in the coming days.

Mokstein added - in statements today, Wednesday - that the government is proceeding with the plan to ease restrictions because occupancy in hospitals and intensive care units is stable and will tend to decrease in the coming weeks.

For his part, Austrian Education Minister Martin Polachek clarified - after the weekly government meeting - that there is no further adherence to wearing masks in primary school from mid-February, despite the continued rise in the number of injuries.

He stressed that the goal is to gradually return to normal life, in consultation with experts, noting that intensive examinations are continuing to monitor the health status of teachers and students.

And daily Corona injuries in Austria recorded a sharp jump, as 39,410 new infections and 16 deaths from the virus were recorded during the past 24 hours.

The country also recorded 24 new deaths, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, USA, on Wednesday.

This brings the number of confirmed infections in the country to one million and 881 thousand and 472 injuries, and deaths to 14 thousand and 127 cases.

And data from the American Johns Hopkins University showed today that 17 million and 603 thousand and 180 doses of vaccines against the emerging corona virus have been administered in Austria so far.

It is noteworthy that the doses of the vaccine and the numbers of the population being vaccinated are estimates that depend on the type of vaccine the country gives, that is, whether it is a single dose or two doses.

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