New developments in the operation to save the child Rayan 2022


New developments in the operation to save the child Rayan 2022

The operation to rescue the Moroccan child Rayan witnessed new developments, as drilling work was temporarily halted due to a partial collapse in the parallel well being dug to remove the child.

Drilling stopped for fear of a bigger disaster, after the vertical drilling operations reached a depth of 32 meters where Rayan is located, according to the topographers.

The Moroccan child had fallen into a 62-meter deep well in the center of Tamrout, in the Chefchaouen region, northern Morocco, and attempts to rescue him have been continuing since last Tuesday.

The local authorities, with the help of some heavy drilling tools, are working to extract Rayan safely, by digging a well parallel to the well in which the child fell, which requires vertical and horizontal drilling together with great caution to remove 200,000 cubic meters around the child.

Rescue officials confirmed that success is almost their ally in the rescue operation, after the removal of a large amount of dirt, but they did not specify the final time for Rayan’s exit, due to new developments and a slight partial collapse in the parallel well.

They also asked Moroccan citizens in the Chefchaouen region to stop flocking to the well site, as they do not help or speed up the rescue process, but rather slow it down, which negatively affects the speed of Rayan  rescue.

It is worth noting that the case of the child Rayan has occupied all the residents of the Arab world, and calls have been launched from millions from everywhere to save the 5-year-old child and return him alive to his mother, topping the attention of social media.

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A rocky cleft hampered the rescue of the Moroccan child Rayan, who has been stuck in a well for nearly 70 hours 


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