Global Health confirms its need for 16 billion dollars to help poor countries combat Corona 2022

Global Health confirms its need for 16 billion dollars to help poor countries combat Corona

The World Health Organization has urged rich countries to urgently pay $16 billion to fund its plan to combat the emerging coronavirus, "Covid-19".

The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom, said  according to France 24 news channel today (Wednesday) that science has given us the tools to fight the epidemic and if they are shared globally in the framework of solidarity, we will be able to overcome and eliminate the pandemic as a global health emergency. This year, if rich countries pay their share of the new plan's funding for what is known as the Accelerator for the Production of Vaccines, Diagnostics and Therapeutics for Corona (ACT), this program can help poor and middle-income countries overcome low vaccination rates against (Covid-19) and shortages. Drugs, and the rapid spread of the "Omicron" variant makes the equitable distribution of tests, treatments and vaccines all the more urgent.

The organization had previously said that this funding will ensure support for vaccination goals in 91 low-income countries (only 4% of corona tests have been used so far and 5% of vaccines administered worldwide, although these countries include 9% of the world’s population), by providing sufficient doses and supporting vaccination campaigns to achieve 43% coverage, and contributing to the global goal of 70% coverage in all countries by the middle of next year 2022.

It is noteworthy that the plan’s goals also include helping 144 countries reach a rate of use of corona tests of at least 1 per thousand people per day and ensuring sufficient capacity worldwide to detect new worrisome variables of the virus quickly, in addition to ensuring that 120 million people infected with the Corona virus in low-income countries. and middle income earners on current and emerging treatments including medical oxygen, as well as keeping 2.7 million health workers in these countries safely using personal protective equipment.

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