Experts Reveal Hidden Corona Virus Carriers in 2022

Experts Reveal Hidden Corona Virus Carriers in 2022

Health experts have warned that young people who suddenly lose their sense of smell and taste may be hidden carriers of the Corona virus.

Ear, nose and throat specialists have said people who develop anosmia, a condition known as anosmia, could facilitate the rapid international spread of COVID-19.

The British Rhinological Society, which studies the nose and sinuses, says it has seen an increasing number of young people in the past month suffer from a loss of smell or taste, according to Russia Today.

There are concerns that these people could spread the virus, as they do not currently meet current criteria for testing or self-isolation.

British Rhinological Society President Claire Hopkins said:  I have personally seen 4 patients this week, all under the age of 40, with no symptoms except the onset of loss of smell - I don't 'usually see no more than one a month. I believe these patients may be among the occult carriers, which have facilitated the rapid spread of COVID-19, unfortunately these patients do not meet the current criteria for testing or self -isolation.

An international case study conducted by the profession of the British Rhinological Society and the British Otolaryngological Society (ENT UK) found that a significant proportion of coronavirus patients reported loss of smell, taste or both.

In Germany, 2 in 3 cases developed anosmia in South Korea, where testing was more widespread, and 30% of patients who tested positive for the disease said loss of smell was their main symptom.

 There is already good evidence from South Korea, China and Italy that a large number of patients who tested positive for Covid-19 developed anosmia Hopkins added. loss of smell, in the absence of other symptoms.

The ENT urged officials to recognize the loss of smell and taste as an official sign of the deadly disease, and said they had informed Public Health England of the apparent link.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has also said it is investigating the link between loss of smell and taste and COVID-19.

The country's chief scientist, Patrick Vallance, said loss of smell or taste is a hallmark of the coronavirus. It is thought that the loss of the ability to smell or taste may be due to the destruction of cells in the nose and throat.

Experts say it's something people can usually experience after contracting other types of viruses, such as the common cold.

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