Do you want to live the experience of traveling and practicing meditation for the purpose of psychological comfort?

traveling and practicing meditation for the purpose of psychological comfort
traveling and practicing meditation for the purpose of psychological comfort

In recent years, the number of people practicing meditation has increased for the purpose of psychological comfort, especially in the midst of the Corona pandemic crisis, which has been still for two years and more, making people sleep and exhausting them with pain and depression.

Meditation is one of the types of sports that experts advise to practice for people who suffer from psychological problems and diseases to relieve their sorrows, overcome depression and the feeling of isolation that they face.

There are many types of meditation that many may not know about, and all of them help in improving the psychological state and getting rid of all negative feelings and stress that can harm a person. All of these types have many health benefits that we review together in our topic today.

What are the types of meditation?

Today, we have collected for you all types of meditation used in all sports and rehabilitation centers that are practiced by individuals with specialists in this field. Meditation works to increase alpha and theta waves in the brain, in addition to increasing the balance of hormones affecting the body.

The most popular types of meditation are:

Guided meditation: It is meditation that depends on forming mental images for the purposes of guided imagination, with the use of the largest number of senses, such as smells, sights, and sounds. This sport is usually practiced under the supervision of a teacher or guide.

Mindfulness meditation: It is the type that is based on alerting the mind and raising awareness to accept living in the present moment, by focusing on what is experienced during meditation such as the flow of breath and following thoughts and feelings that we must allow their passage without any judgment.

Qi Kung: Part of traditional Chinese medicine, Qi Kung combines meditation and relaxation with physical movement and breathing exercises, to restore and maintain balance in the body.

Tai Chi: A Chinese martial art that can be used as a method of meditation, this gentle form of Tai Chi involves slow, graceful movements while practicing deep breathing.

Transcendental Meditation: A simple technique in which a specific phrase, word or sound is repeated in a specific way. This type of meditation allows the body to settle into a state of deep rest and relaxation, and allows the mind to reach a state of inner peace without the need for concentration or physical exertion.

Yoga: One of the most famous and common types of meditation, it is a set of physical movements and controlled breathing exercises. Yoga aims to improve the flexibility of the body and mind while moving in different poses, which imposes a state of focus and physical and intellectual balance.

What are the benefits of meditation?

Sky News Arabia reported the results of a scientific study conducted by researchers from Global Advances Health and Medicine, which showed that engaging in one virtual meditation session significantly helps reduce participants’ anxiety, relieve stress, and make them feel calm and balanced.

These “virtual” sessions became very popular during the period of ban, quarantine and closure that many countries adopted two years ago to prevent the spread of the Corona virus infection.

Several studies have also indicated that there are many health benefits to practicing regular meditation for a period of 5-20 minutes daily, as an effective way to improve sleep quality and fight depression, as well as helping to control appetite and weight loss, and improve the work and intelligence of the brain.

Meditation is the elixir of youth.

It is a summary of what Sarah Lazar, a neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School, found in the course of a study she conducted on the benefits of meditation. Lazar found that meditation is the elixir of eternal youth, and the achievement of this equation lies in consistency with meditation.

During the study, Lazar discovered that experienced meditators aged 40-50 years had the same amount of gray matter as people with an average age of 20-30 years.

According to the same study, the shape of the brain is subject to change as a result of meditation, and it takes only 8 weeks for this change to occur, according to Lazar, who confirmed that this substance also helps to increase the volume of gray matter in the central nervous system, which comprises most of the bodies of neurons in the brain. Specifically in the areas responsible for muscle control, sensory perception, emotion, memory, decision-making, and self-control.

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