covid19...Canadian Prime Minister Doug Ford declares a state of emergency

covid19...Canadian Prime Minister Doug Ford declares a state of emergency

Prime Minister Doug Ford in Ontario, the epicenter of protests against Canada's health measures, declared a state of emergency on Friday due to the two-week demonstrations.

 We will take all necessary measures to ensure that the borders are reopened, and I say to the trapped residents of Ottawa: We will make sure that you are able to resume a normal life as soon as possible,  Doug Ford said during a press conference.

Two weeks ago, demonstrators demanding a retraction of various health measures to combat Covid have paralyzed the center of the Canadian federal capital and refused to withdraw from the streets.

And they close, especially the Ambassador Bridge, which is a vital commercial hub linking Ontario to the American city of Detroit, as more than 25% of the goods exported between the United States and Canada pass through it.

Doug Ford added,  We will do everything necessary to put an end to these occupations,  addressing the demonstrators directly, Go back to your homes now. 

 We will, in an emergency form, issue orders that clearly state that preventing the movement of goods, people and services along basic infrastructure is illegal  he added.

Ontario's conservative Prime Minister Doug Ford has been criticized for several days for his reluctance to act in the face of protesters, and many attribute this to political calculations, especially as he is a candidate for re-election in June.

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