Corona-caused myocarditis: a Canadian footballer is another victim in 2022

Corona-caused myocarditis: a Canadian footballer is another victim in 2022

During the past months, many reports have emerged that indicated a relationship between the Corona virus and the infection of myocarditis, and according to the latest medical reports, this case may deprive some football players from playing for their national teams for a temporary period.

As his team gears up for the World Cup qualifiers, Alphonso Davies appears to be; The Canadian football star and defense player in Bayern Munich, will miss the next three World Cup qualifiers for his country, after he was diagnosed with myocarditis, and this diagnosis comes after the star had previously contracted the new Corona virus.

Davis was diagnosed with myocarditis while undergoing routine checkups when he recently returned to training with his team after recovering from the Corona virus. According to reports on Davis' health, the player is now in good health, but he will be absent from his team's training for at least several weeks while he recovers.

It is worth noting that Davis previously received the basic doses of the Corona vaccine during the past year, in addition to the vaccine booster dose that he received during the month of December of last year.

***Myocarditis: An uncommon condition among professional athletes.

According to a scientific review; The case of myocarditis among athletes is uncommon, and for athletes who happen to have this condition, the condition was not severe enough to exclude them from the court.

Another study in which nearly 800 professional athletes who had previously been infected with the Corona virus were examined showed that none of them suffered from serious complications of the virus. But with regard to heart disorders, this only appeared on 4% of them, and less than 1% of them turned out to have myocarditis, and these may have had heart inflammation that had nothing to do with Corona, and they were able to return to the stadiums within months. .

As for the serious cases of heart complications following infection with Corona among professional athletes, these were rare, and there were only several cases around the world.

*** Myocarditis: a temporary and non-serious condition

Although its name may sound intimidating at first glance, myocarditis is often a temporary condition for most people diagnosed, as well as often mild and not cause for concern. Symptoms include:


.chest pain

Myocarditis is treated with medications aimed at regulating the heartbeat and maintaining regular heart function, but some cases may require hospitalization for medical care.

Myocarditis is an uncommon condition, and it often arises as a result of a viral infection that may affect the heart, as it may occur with infection with the Corona virus. In only a few cases, myocarditis can weaken the heart, causing serious complications that can lead to death.

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