Continuous efforts to save the child Rayan amid a large crowd of relief teams 2022

Continuous efforts to save the child Rayan amid a large crowd of relief teams

 Efforts to rescue the child Rayan, who is stuck in a well at a depth of 32 meters in the village of Erghan in the Tamrout commune in the Chefchaouen region, accelerated Thursday evening, amid a continuous mobilization of relief teams and medical personnel stationed at the scene since Tuesday evening.

The depth of the hole parallel to the well, which is being completed by bulldozers, escorted by the regional authorities, civil protection and topographers, has exceeded, with the hope of reaching a depth of 32 meters within the next few hours, before the horizontal drilling work begins to make a 3-meter gap connecting the hole to the well and retrieve the child Rayan.

The medical and nursing staff and the necessary medical devices were mobilized on the spot to carry out the initial examinations and resuscitation interventions for the child Rayan on the spot immediately after his recovery.

The regional delegate of the Ministry of Health in Chefchaouen, Dr. Khaled Amal, told MAP that, in implementation of the instructions of the Minister of Health and in coordination with the Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Regional Directorate of Health and the regional authorities, the frameworks of the Tamrout health center were mobilized, and a second medical staff from the regional hospital was mobilized. Mohamed V has been specialized in anesthesia and resuscitation since Tuesday evening.

He said that the medical crews at the site were recruited to contribute to the relief and recovery of the child Rayan on the spot as soon as he was taken out of the well, and then he was urgently transferred to the hospital, explaining that these efforts are carried out in complementarity with the efforts made by the various rescue teams under the direct supervision of the employment of the region. Chefchaouen.

Regarding the symptoms that people who are stuck in confined spaces usually suffer from without eating, drinking or moving, the regional representative of the Ministry of Health highlighted that this position may cause shortness of breath, dehydration of the body, and some infections that may have resulted from fractures that a person may be exposed to during his fall. He explained that the necessary devices were mobilized according to the worst-case scenario in order to take care of this case.

A Royal Gendarmerie medical helicopter equipped with resuscitation equipment has also been mobilized in order to expedite the transfer of the child, Rayan, to the nearest health institution.


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