Breaking News The fact that Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Britain, died of the Corona virus

Queen Elizabeth II

The truth about the death of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain after contracting Corona

The news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of Britain, spread like wildfire during the past few hours on social media platforms, especially after the widespread Hollywood Unlocked website in Britain published a press news in which it confirmed: “Exclusive sources close to the royal family informed us of the death of Queen Elizabeth, and soon the pioneers circulated Social media news, and the statements of obituaries and grief farewell to the Queen of Britain rolled.

With the escalation of the news, a parliamentary official in Britain came out to deny the news of the death and confirm that the queen is still alive, and the Dutch BNO agency reported that rumors of Queen Elizabeth II's death spread widely when it was reported by the Hollywood Unlocked website, which specializes in celebrity news, which has a large number of followers. On Instagram and YouTube, the news of the Queen’s death was reported, and Hollywood Unlocked said: Exclusive sources close to the royal family have informed us of the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Although there was no announcement from Buckingham Palace, the news spread remarkably among the masses on social media platforms, which prompted Daewoo Okiwell, Chief of Staff of the House of Lords, to come out to refute the report, saying that the reports on the death of the Queen are false, and Buckingham Palace announced that the adult Queen of The 95-year-old is suffering from mild symptoms resembling a cold after it was confirmed that she had Covid-19. Then, during the past few hours, Buckingham Palace issued a second statement of denial, revealing the latest developments in her health yesterday, Tuesday, and the palace said that Elizabeth was still suffering from cold-like symptoms.

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Queen Elizabeth II ... the latest developments in her health condition after contracting Covid-19


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