The best fitness and water aerobics centers in Dubai 2022

Best aqua fitness and aqua aerobics centers in Dubai in 2022
The best fitness and water aerobics centers in Dubai

Swimming and water sports are one of the most enjoyable and highly effective physical activities for losing excess weight and maintaining a good physical fitness, hence the idea of ​​aqua fitness centers, which depends on the idea of ​​using swimming and exercises inside swimming pools under the supervision of experts to prepare an effective program for weight loss and maintaining A good fitness without the usual hassle and stress that comes with regular exercise, the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates prides itself on being home to some of the best aqua fitness centers and aquatic workouts in the world, especially women-only aqua fitness centers. Best aqua fitness centers in Dubai:

L'ATELIER AQUAFITNESS Aquatic Fitness Center

It is one of the finest aquatic fitness centers in Dubai and is located on Al Wasl Road, and is distinguished by its provision of a diverse and enjoyable range of effective and enjoyable water exercises and exercises specially designed to suit different ages and even beginners who cannot swim, and among the best water exercises offered by the center is the water bike exercise It often lasts for 45 minutes and helps to tighten muscles and lose excess weight from the upper and lower part of the body, and this exercise helps to tighten the abdominal muscles. Helps eliminate toxins in the body. The cost of training sessions at L’ATELIER AQUAFITNESS Aquatic Fitness Center starts from 110 AED for regular training sessions, 815 AED for 8 sessions of water bikes.

AQUAFIT Aqua Fitness Center

It is one of the famous fitness centers in the UAE and owns a number of branches in the Emirate of Dubai, including branches in the Intercontinental Hotel Dubai Marina - the second floor, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street, Shangri-La Hotel - the fourth floor, Sheikh Zayed Road Ghaya Grand Hotel - the floor The first, V Road - Dubai Production City, Concorde Tower - 6th floor, AQUAFIT is famous for providing an impressive range of aqua fitness programs specially designed for the low fitness and the elderly, which includes an impressive range of effective and non-stressful exercises for body sculpting, without negative impact Or putting extra effort on the bones and joints in the body.


The ReConnect Aqua Fitness Center at The Fairmont The Palm is one of the best fitness centers in Dubai and is described as a first-class health club. The club offers two types of aqua fitness exercises and exercises, the first type is known as Aqua Sprint and provides effective water exercises and exercises for weight loss. And tighten the body without negative impact on the joints and muscles of the body, and the second type, known as Aqua Strength, provides exercises and water exercises for people of good or high fitness aimed at building muscles and raising physical fitness, and these exercises depend on the use of additional equipment in exercises such as water bikes. Membership fees in the center start from 600 dirhams per month.


It is one of the leading aquatic fitness centers in the Emirate of Dubai, and it owns a number of branches in Dubai, including one in Seef Mall. A special program of exercise designed specifically for weight loss, the HYDROKOMBAT program, which offers training sessions of 50 minutes per session, and one session can help burn up to 500 calories. The center also provides aqua fitness classes for ladies only, and a free trial session before registering for the courses and training sessions provided by the center.

Aqua fitness clubs in Dubai for ladies only:


Dubai Ladies Club (DLC) is the ideal destination for women-only water fitness, and the club offers an impressive range of water fitness programs specially designed for women, including Aqua Aerobics, Aqua Zumba and Float Fit, which help to tighten the body and maintain On high fitness along with wonderful water aerobics exercises to burn calories and lose excess weight, in addition to strengthening and sculpting the body without stressing the lower back area. Membership fees start from 1,260 AED per month.


It is located in the Al Quoz area of ​​Dubai and is one of the best aqua fitness centers for women in Dubai. In addition to programs and exercises dedicated to losing weight, tightening and sculpting the body.


It is another great aqua fitness center for women in Dubai and is located in the country club in the Jumeirah Golf Estates. It offers great aqua fitness programs for all ages and fitness levels, and includes programs dedicated to cardio exercises, stimulating blood circulation, increasing physical fitness and the body's ability to withstand physical activity, and others for losing Weight, tighten and sculpt the body. Fees start from AED 90 per training session.

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