Baby Rayan's death ... Moroccan official statement

Baby Rayan's death ... Moroccan official statement

An official Moroccan statement from the royal court confirmed the death of the child Rayan, according to Al Arabiya TV.

It is noteworthy that the 5-year-old boy accidentally fell last Tuesday afternoon, into the well of narrow diameter and difficult to descend into, in a village in the Bab Bard region near the city of Chefchaouen (in the north), according to local media.

Volunteers from the village and rescue teams initially tried to go down to the well to retrieve Rayan, but its narrow diameter, "which does not exceed 40 centimeters or less," prevented this, according to what was in charge of the operation, Abdelhadi Tamrani, told the first public television channel.

The rescue teams tried during the last hours of the night to secure a horizontal hole extending approximately 3 meters, hoping to penetrate it to remove the child, according to the local authorities, after a technical study by topographical engineers and civil protection specialists of the nature of the soil surrounding the well, with the aim of securing the sides of the hole.

Today, Saturday, Moroccan relief teams continued their strenuous efforts to save the child Rayan  , who is stuck for the fifth day in a row in Bir in northern Morocco, in a frantic race against time.


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