Angela Merkel hopes to overcome row with Turkey over Incirlik base visits

Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel hopes to overcome dispute with Ankara over German lawmakers' visits to Turkey's Incirlik Air Base

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said after meeting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that she hopes to hear good news of the dispute over German lawmakers' visits to a Turkish air base that Ankara has rejected since June.

She also said that she and Erdogan had agreed that the political process aimed at ending the fighting in Syria should resume as the situation in Aleppo was unacceptable and a ceasefire was urgently needed.

Merkel added that she sees an opportunity to settle differences between the European Union and Turkey over the exemption of Turks from entry visas to the countries of the Union, but she made it clear that it may take weeks to reach an agreement.

Talks with the European Commission are intense and ongoing she said.

Turkey has banned visits to Incirlik Air Base near the Syrian border since the German parliament passed a resolution last June declaring the 1915 massacre committed by Ottoman forces against Armenians a genocide, but a German lawmaker said on Saturday that he expected to resolve the issue this week.

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