A highly contagious strain of HIV has been discovered in the Netherlands 2022

A highly contagious strain of HIV has been discovered in the Netherlands 2022

Scientists from Oxford University have discovered a new type of HIV in the Netherlands, considered the most virulent of all known types of virus. Science magazine notes that at the end of 2018, researchers within the Beehive project analyzed blood samples from people with AIDS in Europe and Uganda, and discovered a mutation in the virus. They discovered a previously unknown version of VB in 17 people, 15 of whom were Dutch residents. So they conducted additional studies, including 6,700 Dutch citizens living with HIV, and discovered 92 of them had the new version.

Based on these results, the researchers decided to study the case of 109 patients who carried the VB copy, and it became clear to them that their viral load is 3.5-5.5 times higher compared to those infected with other copies of the virus. Also, the rate of decrease in the number of CD cells (a sign of damage to the immune system) was twice as high, and this means an increased risk of AIDS, as well as transmission of the disease. The researchers point out that this version of HIV does not pose a significant public health risk. They confirm that antiretroviral therapy, which is used regularly in the treatment of infected people, is effective against this copy as well.

The results of the detailed analysis showed that the new version appeared in the Netherlands at the end of the eighties  early nineties of the last century, and it began to spread faster than the previous versions of the virus, and in 2010 its spread decreased as a result of the widespread campaign organized in the country to combat HIV.

The discovery of a new mutant of the  AIDS virus, acquired immunodeficiency virus, is  more deadly 2022

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