7 easy exercises to get rid of sticky thighs in 2022

7 easy exercises to get rid of sticky thighs
7 easy exercises to get rid of sticky thighs

7 exercises to get rid of sticky thighs

1 . Stand straight while tightening your back, chest and abdominal muscles. Take a deep breath while bending the knee to sit up, and gradually squat. Focus on carrying the body on the ankles of the feet and fix the heels outward, put your hands on your waist or in front of you, then raise your body through the shoulders while keeping the back straight.

 2. Carry a light weight in your hands if you can, and step aside with a wide step with your right foot, bending the foot you came forward and extending the second foot, and as low as you can toward the ground. Return to the first position and repeat the movement for the second leg.

 3. Lie on your back on the floor with your buttocks joined and your knees raised and bent. Extend your arms on the ground close to your body, raise your buttocks and press them as tightly as possible, then return and lower them again without touching the ground. .

 4. Lie on your right or left side and raise your buttocks slightly off the ground, leaning on your elbow, then raise one leg as far as possible towards the ceiling, and raise your other arm. Don't forget to repeat this exercise on the other side as well.

 5. Get into a basic squat position, clasping your hands together, bring your butt back and bend your knees and lower slightly. Jump as high in the air as you can and extend your feet. You can also try bringing your heels together when doing the high jump.

 6. Stand on the tips of your toes, bring your feet well and bend your knees and slightly lower towards the ground to take a squatting position and raise your hands high in the air, as you can carry in your hands some light weights.

 7. Put your back against the wall, lower yourself as if you are sitting in a chair and bend your knees together. Raise your hands high on the wall or extend them close to you.

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