The 8-hour diet to lose up to 8 kilos per month! in 2022

The 8-hour diet to lose up to 8 kilos per month! in 2022

The 8-hour diet is the latest system for losing excess weight. Women usually look for diet regimens that give them an impressive result as quickly as possible, and this is what this diet provides! It completely eliminates the accumulated fat in the body without relying on food deprivation. His main idea is to eat for eight hours, counted from the time he wakes up. After eating a full 8 hours, abstain from food completely for another 16 hours. Doctors emphasized that this diet is not harmful to health at all because it protects from all the risks that a person is exposed to because of eating at night. Follow with us the most important benefits of diet, how to follow it and what should be relied on to benefit from it properly.

Benefits of the 8-hour diet:

This diet helps you to know exactly what you want to eat and your favorite food throughout the day. You prepare these foods and then divide them into meals that are eaten over the course of eight hours. Then I fasted for 16 hours. This period is usually after six or seven o'clock. Eating food in a specific period helps to increase the speed of burning in the body, renewing and revitalizing cells and providing the body with energy. By following this diet, you will be able to lose 2 kilos in one week. Rely in your food on foods that burn fat, such as chicken, fish and vegetables, as proteins are needed to supply the body with vitality. Exercising with this system contributes to achieving more effective results.

How do I apply this diet?

The 8 hours are counted since the person woke up in the morning from sleep. It is preferable to get up early, if you cannot do that, there is no problem, you can start at twelve o'clock in the afternoon. Its ingredients include eating a boiled egg or a piece of low-fat cheese in addition to a quarter of a local loaf or a loaf of sun. Drink a cup of tea without sugar with one piece of biscuit and one fruit or cucumber.

Lunch comes between three and four in the afternoon and includes grilled fish or meat, in addition to three tablespoons of rice. Make sure to eat a large plate of salad.

Finally dinner comes at seven in the evening. It is only three fruits. This ends the eight-hour period.

- Top tips

 Fasting for 16 consecutive hours and drinking plenty of water burns fat stores in the body. It is burned in order to obtain energy to complete the day with vigor and vitality and to accomplish all daily tasks. Fasting affects fat burning, but the body is resisted, meaning that in cases of starvation, energy burning levels decrease, and fat is burned when rates decrease. Drink only hot drinks during this regime and make sure to go to bed at ten in the evening. This diet depends on the extent of regulation in eating, so implement it accurately and systematically.

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