sport reduces the risks Prostate cancer in 2022

sport reduces the risks Prostate cancer in 2022

sport reduces the risks Prostate cancer in 2022   

According to British researchers, regular physical activity would reduce the risk of prostate cancer but only in white men.

A British study showed that exercise can reduce the risk of prostate cancer, or at least its severity. To reach this conclusion, researchers at Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center interviewed 307 men waiting for a prostate biopsy. Each of them had to fill out a questionnaire detailing their sports activity. Other factors were taken into account in this study, such as family history, body mass index, and results of previous medical examinations.

Prostate cancer: exercise does not protect black men

After reviewing all the data, the scientists concluded that exercise can be very beneficial against prostate cancer...only in white men. They had a 53% lower risk of getting a positive biopsy result, which would reveal prostate cancer, according to their findings. The severity of the cancer will also be reduced, and the risk of developing high-grade lesions will be reduced by 13%.

However, these claims have been proven false in patients with black skin. Regardless of the level of physical activity, exercise does not appear to have any effect on its clinical outcomes. And other studies have already found that black men are twice as likely than white men to develop this type of cancer, without providing a valid explanation. Further research is underway to determine the factor responsible for this difference.

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