Slimming: How to get rid of the weight gained during confinement in 2022

Slimming: How to get rid of the weight gained during confinement in 2022

After two months of confinement, many of us are seeing a few extra pounds on the scale. In question, snacking, stress, boredom and lack of physical activity during this period. Is this your case? Do not panic, here are some tips to melt quickly.

Get back in motion.

During the confinement, our movements were limited and the possibilities of doing sports reduced. If jogging was allowed, you had to stay close to home and not exceed an hour. Constraints that have discouraged more than one, especially those who did not like running at the base. However, practicing regular physical activity is essential to stay in shape and avoid gaining weight. Now that we can play sports outside again, don't hesitate! To be effective, 30 minutes minimum per day are necessary. Walking, cycling, outdoor yoga...there are plenty of ideas for getting active! It's up to you to find the one that appeals to you the most.

find a rhythm.

Meals taken at any time, disturbed sleep During confinement, our biological rhythm was completely upset. However, this influences leptin the satiety hormone, and ghlerin, the one that stimulates appetite. To lose weight, it is therefore essential to find a balanced sleep-wake rhythm. Rule ? Sleep seven to eight hours a night, find a work routine and set times for eating meals. What limit cravings for snacking and thus lose excess pounds.

Rebalance your diet.

To lose weight, you must start by reducing your calorie intake and avoiding industrial food in favor of raw products that you cook yourself. On the menu: fruit and vegetables, fish, white meat and whole grains. Avoid fatty, sugary and refined foods. We take care not to skip any meals because it promotes cravings and therefore weight gain.

Learn to distinguish between hunger and the urge to eat.

Real or false desire to snack? Our emotions influence our eating habits. Boredom, depression, stress push us to throw ourselves on fatty and sugary foods when we are not really hungry. They're just cuddly foods meant to comfort us. In order to feel the sensation of satiety, it is essential to eat slowly and chew well, while avoiding distractions so as not to eat more than what our body needs.

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