Morning and Night Routine for a 30-year-old in 2022


Morning and Night Routine for a 30-year-old in 2022

After turning 30, you may notice some sudden changes in your skin. Do not be upset, it is not dangerous. But with age, the proportion of female hormones inside the body changes, causing the effects of premature aging and skin damage. During that time, you need to redouble your attention to the health of your skin to tackle premature wrinkles and skin problems.

If you want to keep your skin younger and younger, you need to start following a regular routine that will give your skin the nourishment and hydration it needs on a daily basis. Today, through the following article, we present to you the most important morning and night care steps that you must apply daily.

Morning skincare routine at age 30

1- washing the skin

Above all else, you can't forget to clean your skin properly. Start spraying cold water on the entire face before applying any of the products. Then, use a cleanser suitable for your skin type to meet its needs and remove stuck-on dirt and dust, as well as remove excess oil residues to give you perfectly clean and clean pores. Use cold or lukewarm water, not hot water, to wash your face. Hot water can strip away the moisturizing ingredients and make the skin dry and red.

2- Protection from the sun's rays

Applying sunscreen lotion is a must-do on a daily basis. Even if you neglect its use during the age of twenty, starting from the age of thirty you should start using it regularly. Before applying makeup or going out of the house, make sure to distribute an adequate amount of sunscreen on your skin to protect against suntan and the harmful effects of UV rays. You also need to choose the right SPF-enhanced care products to further protect against the harsh rays of the sun.

3- Anti-aging serum

Starting at the age of thirty, you need to include anti-wrinkle serum. There are many types of serums suitable for all skin types that contain a percentage of nutrients and ingredients necessary to combat skin wrinkles and remove fine lines. You can use the serum during your morning as well as at night routine to provide you with hydrating elements and keep your skin radiant and flawless.

A nighttime skincare routine after the age of 30

1- Clean your facial skin

Again, you need to cleanse your facial skin at night. After spending a long day, the skin is exposed to dust and pollution factors, so you need to clean it to get rid of all the dirt and keep it purified. Choose a strong cleanser that helps clean the pores of the skin deeply and do not forget to use it right before going to bed, so that the skin can self-repair damaged tissues and renew its vitality during the night.

2- Don't neglect exfoliation

Exfoliation of the skin is one of the basic steps of care during the age of thirty. This step not only removes dead skin and dirt stuck on the surface of the skin, but also helps to renew skin cells and stimulate blood circulation for glowing and healthy skin. Doctors do not recommend exfoliating the skin on a daily basis, but 3 times a week is sufficient. Choose a gentle scrub on the skin and massage in circular motions using your fingertips gently.

3- An indispensable eye cream

Women in their thirties need to use eye cream every day before bed. The area around the eyes is a sensitive area and is most prone to premature wrinkles. To ensure maintaining the vitality and youth of that area, make sure to use an appropriate cream to moisturize the eye area and remove fine lines and wrinkles.


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