How to apply makeup step by step for beginners in 2022

How to apply makeup step by step for beginners in 2022

Do you want to apply makeup in a simple way? Some girls may have a hard time learning the basics of makeup to get the perfect look. Through the following article, we will learn together how to apply makeup step by step for beginners.

Make-up is the magic way that women do not abandon to get an attractive look that highlights the beauty of the facial features and hides all imperfections. However, many women may not master how to properly apply makeup, but it is really simple. To get makeup and a natural look, you first need to acquire basic makeup products and a set of makeup brushes from well-known brands.

Follow the steps below and you will have a flawless and perfect make-up.

1- Clean the skin

First start by cleaning the facial skin to get rid of impurities and excess oily secretions, which may spoil your look if removed completely. Choose an appropriate lotion according to your skin type, whether it is dry, oily or combination to avoid skin damage. With this step, you ensure that you get clear and perfect skin so that excess oils or impurities do not interact with makeup products and to ensure that you maintain a stable look for long hours. It also works on obtaining a soft foundation that is easy to apply makeup tools on.

2- Moisturizing the skin

After cleansing the skin, comes the step of moisturizing. Moisturizing the skin helps prevent drying factors that can lead to the appearance of annoying lines that spoil the appearance of your skin after applying makeup. Choose an appropriate moisturizing cream to meet the needs of your skin and supply it with nutrients.

You can use any of the rich natural oils such as coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil to help fill in fine lines on the skin and prevent the build-up of makeup products inside. You have to wait a bit until the moisturizing cream is completely absorbed before applying makeup.

3- Apply the primer

Some girls may give up applying primer before applying makeup, but this is a common mistake. The primer has a lot of benefits to fix your makeup and protect your skin. The primer helps to regulate the oil secretions on the skin, which helps to keep the foundation cream for longer periods without being affected by the factors of humidity or the heat of the weather.

The primer also fills in fine lines and cracks in the skin that may cause makeup to accumulate inside, drawing attention to skin wrinkles. It also helps to get a soft foundation that makes applying foundation an easy step. If you suffer from annoying pimples, applying a primer is one of the most important steps that you should not ignore. It acts as a buffer between the surface of the skin and the makeup products, which prevents the pimples from interacting with the chemicals inside the makeup products that may exacerbate this problem.

4- Distribute the foundation cream

Using a suitable brush, your fingertips or even a beauty blender, distribute an appropriate amount of foundation all over the face and neck. This helps to even out the skin tone and hide the effects of dark spots. Make sure to blend the foundation well to avoid smudges and prominent lines on the surface of the skin

Foundation varies according to its composition to creamy liquid or matte. You can choose the right foundation cream for you according to your skin type. Oily skin needs to use matte foundations that are water-based and not oily. As for dry skin, you need to use a creamy liquid foundation, as it contains a percentage of moisturizing elements that give you a bright look and does not cause the skin to dry out severely.

5- Corrector or concealer

Concealer gives you a complete look. Concealer helps hide all skin imperfections such as dark circles, dark spots and traces of red pimples. Different shades of concealer can also be used to create a contour to slim the face and highlight its aesthetic features.

To properly distribute the concealer, put dots on the areas affected by pimples, pimples or dark circles. Then, use a flat brush to blend the concealer well. You can also distribute concealer around the eyebrows to hide the extra small hairs, around the mouth to hide the darkening, and around the nostrils as well.

6- Eye makeup

All makeup steps are the same except for eye makeup. Your look completely varies depending on your eye make-up. For a simple daytime look that is suitable for work or gatherings of friends, you only need a few simple touches of eyeshadow shades in nude or light colors. But for evening makeup, you need to apply eye-catching eye makeup.

Eye makeup looks for evenings vary between smoky makeup, bronze makeup, or loud shades. Before applying eye makeup, make sure to apply an eye primer to help set your makeup for longer periods, and also give you a clearer color for the eyeshadows. For more excitement, do not forget to apply eyeliner and mascara to highlight the beauty and attractiveness of your eyes.

7- Distribution of the blusher

The blusher or blusher is the product that gives your skin a lively and attractive appearance. By applying blusher, your cheeks look rosy and attractive, and experts stress the importance of applying blusher in the right way to get a perfect and elegant makeup.

To apply the blusher correctly, be sure to choose a color suitable for your original skin tone. Choosing dark tones may cause a tan, while very light tones may make you pale. The most appropriate shades of blusher that give you an attractive natural look is the choice of pink and peach shades for women with white skin. For tanned skin, choose shades of coral and light wine.

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