Fitness Practicing Zumba for weight loss at home in 2022

Fitness Practicing Zumba for weight loss at home in 2022

Zumba has become one of the most popular types of weight loss dances that are associated with healthy diets, and to make it easier for you, today we will introduce you to Zumba dances for slimming at home.

What is Zumba sport?

Zumba first appeared in the nineties as a sport to enhance physical fitness, and Zumba relies on doing a Latin dance in addition to exercising, and due to the great benefits it provides to the body, Zumba has spread widely and widely among people, especially women.

Zumba includes a group of dances such as reviton cumbia, salsa, merengue, samba, and billy dance. Zumba is not only considered a sport, but helps to entertain the soul and eliminate anxiety and depression as well.

Benefits of Zumba for weight loss

Zumba has many benefits, and we will summarize them as follows:

Helps facilitate the burning of fats, thus obtaining the ideal weight and a sculpted body.

Improvement in blood pressure level.

Through it, all parts of the body are moved, such as the shoulders, arms, and feet.

Contribute to improving the health of the heart and the body in general.

The person's endurance increases, as it depends on exercising with quick and soft movements.

Increases tolerance to pain.

Anyone can do it without the need for a fitness, because it is easy and simple.

Relieve feelings of depression, and entertain oneself.

Areas of the body that benefit from Zumba

For the areas that benefit most and are affected by Zumba:

Back and pelvis

The movements performed to the tune of music help to move the buttocks and pelvic areas and burn the fat accumulated in them.


During Zumba practice, you can carry some weights that help enhance physical fitness and burn fat in this area.


Also, the back muscles move excellently during Zumba practice.

Middle and thighs area

Zumba focuses on the midsection and thighs, thus strengthening the muscles of the center of the body.


Zumba includes jumps, lunges, and movements that strengthen the hamstrings and thighs.

Zumba steps to lose weight

Zuma includes many steps, including:

Zumba with cumbia steps

This type of Zumba helps to target and tighten the muscles of the buttocks and thighs area, and improve their position, as fat accumulates in these particular areas greatly, so you should focus on exercising that targets these areas in order to dissolve the accumulated fat in them and burn accumulated calories, while Zumba, with the cumbia steps, provides everything that is needed to lose weight in these areas. At first, you stand with your feet closed, and gradually open with the right arm straightened and the left placed on the waist, and 4 steps are moved and back again with the movement repeated more than once.

Zumba with hip-hop steps

Zumba, with hip-hop steps, targets the abdominal area, so it is the best type for people who want to lose weight in the abdominal area, and get rid of the fat and sagging in it. The feet, placing the arms next to the legs, then bending the arms and raising them parallel to the chest, and then swaying to the right side, then placing the arms in the middle, and moving the hips together.

Now you can practice a Zumba sport or story for slimming at home without any fear, as it is very simple, easy and fun at the same time, unlike other boring and tiring types of sports, do not hesitate to practice it in your spare time.


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