8 causes of sudden heart palpitations, and sweating in 2022

8 causes of sudden heart palpitations, and sweating in 2022

Some may feel sudden heart palpitations with sweating, what are the causes of sudden heart palpitations and sweating? How is this problem diagnosed?

sudden heart palpitations and sweating

Let's get to know the problem of sudden heart palpitations and sweating in the following:

sudden heart palpitations and sweating

Sudden heart palpitations and sweating are two symptoms of several different health problems, which may be accidental problems that do not require medical intervention or as a result of serious physical diseases.

When symptoms persist for a long period of time, you should see a doctor to find out their causes.

Causes of sudden heart palpitations and sweating

There are various different causes of sudden heart palpitations and sweating, let's get to know them in the following:

1. Atrial fibrillation disease

It is a disease that causes an irregular heartbeat, making it irregular and fast.

2. Panic Disorder

In this case, the patient suffers from recurrent panic attacks and fear without any logical justification for their occurrence.

3. Anxiety

Many suffer from the problem of anxiety and tension, which causes loss of concentration and heart palpitations with sweating.

4. Hyperthyroidism

Hyperthyroidism is often caused by an autoimmune disease, and the condition is diagnosed based on the symptoms the patient experiences, such as heart palpitations and sweating.

5. Unhealthy lifestyle

There are daily habits that an individual does that increase the problem of sudden heart palpitations, the most important of which are the following:

strenuous exercise

Not getting enough sleep.

drinking alcohol;


Taking illegal drugs.

Eating more spicy foods.

6. Some medicines

Some medications cause heart palpitations as a side effect, the most important of which are the following:

Bronchodilator Nebulizer.

Some types of pressure medication.

Antihistamine medications.


Antidepressant medications.


7. Hormonal changes

Women suffer from heart palpitations and sweating as a result of hormonal changes in her body, which occur as a result of the following conditions:



Reaching menopause.

8. Low blood sugar

Low blood sugar causes heart palpitations and heavy sweating, especially in diabetics.

Diagnosis of sudden heart palpitations and sweating

If you continue to feel heart palpitations and sweating, you should see a doctor, as the doctor will do the following:

The question about the nature of the patient's heart palpitations, is it sudden or continuous? How long does it last? He also asks about other symptoms associated with heart palpitations, such as: sweating and others, in addition to the necessity of asking him about the family's medical history.

An electrocardiogram to find out if there is a heart disease that causes palpitations or not.

Resorting to the use of a Holter monitor to monitor the heart rate for 24 hours.

Treatment of sudden heart palpitations and sweating

In fact, there is no cure for heart palpitations by itself, but rather it is treated based on the cause of its occurrence, and if the cause is temporary and temporary, it does not require taking any medication.

Here is how to reduce the problem of heart palpitations and sweating at home:

Try to sit back and relax.

Stay calm and sit in a comfortable position.

Try to stay away from panic attacks that make it worse.

Take off tight clothing that makes it difficult to breathe.

Stay away from external influences that increase the problem of heart palpitations, such as: alcohol, drugs, and caffeine.

Heart palpitations complications

If the causes that lead to heart palpitations are neglected, this leads to several complications, including the following:

Fainting: Rapid heart palpitations may be accompanied by a significant drop in blood pressure, which causes fainting, and this problem is often faced by those who suffer from heart problems, especially the heart valves.

Cardiac arrest: Cardiac arrest is one of the rare things that threaten human life due to the continuous rapid heartbeat.

Stroke: A stroke occurs due to the continuous and untreated rapid heartbeat of a patient with atrial fibrillation.

Heart failure: When the heart palpitations continue without treatment, it reduces its ability to pump blood, causing cardiomyopathy.

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