12 tips to tighten and smooth your body in 2022

12 tips to tighten and smooth your body in 2022
12 tips to tighten and smooth your body in 2022

Whether it's because summer is approaching, or just because you're feeling the need, you want to tone your body. Trouble, you don't know what to do to make your actions effective? Sports, diet, hydration, discover 12 tips to soften your body in this article!

Tighten your body

1. Choose water sports

Water sports enhance muscle activity and strengthen the whole body. Feel free to go swimming or hiking to strengthen your body.

2. Climb the stairs

Between the stairs or the elevator, always choose the first, as it works your muscles and coordinates your body. Furthermore, you will do cardio exercises. Do you like a challenge? So go up the stairs two by two!

3. Make a bath

Did that surprise you? Sports is not the only way to strengthen your body, although it is still the best! Bath from time to time removes toxins in the body. Your skin will be smoother, fresher and smoother!

4. Peel regularly

For a silky, firm complexion, body exfoliation treatments are your go-to ally! Make a scrub twice a week to pump blood, cleanse the skin of impurities and firm!

Coffee scrub against cellulite istock

5. Moisturizing the skin

After exfoliating and even every other day, remember to moisturize yourself. To maintain good elasticity, it is essential! Think carefully about the bust and arms, they are often forgotten.

6. Skin massage

Massaging yourself every day is also a great way to keep your body toned and toned. how ? Use of palpation technique. Apply the cream or oil, then hold the skin fold between your thumb and forefinger and roll it up. Do this on the thighs, abdomen and waist.

7. Drink water

Cut out sugary drinks that make you fat and make water a special place in your healthy routine. In addition to moisturizing you, it will help your skin and muscles maintain their firmness and elasticity. It is recommended for adults to drink between 1 and 1.5 liters per day.

8. Adapt your diet

Food is essential to staying healthy, because we are really what we eat. So, if you want a strong and muscular body, then adapt your diet. Eat healthy, fresh and natural products as much as possible, without added sugar.

9. Cold shower

No, this is not a punishment on the contrary! If hot water tends to sag tissues, ending a shower with a jet of cool water will tone the skin and strengthen your muscles. In addition, it is good for lymph and blood circulation.

10. Bodybuilding exercise

Weight training, weight training, squatting, there are many strength exercises that will help you keep your body strong and toned. You can do the following sets of exercises to practice.

The exercise: Tighten your abdominal muscles and hold for 45 seconds. Rest 1 to 3 minutes between each session. Do this exercise 4 times;

Open lunge: To work your glutes, adductors and inner thighs, spread your feet wider than your shoulders and alternately move from the left lunge to the right. Do 10 lunges, rest for 1 to 3 minutes, and repeat this exercise 4 times.

Squatting: Standing position To start, make sure your feet are aligned with your shoulders. Keeping your back straight, bend your legs until they come down parallel to the floor. Then return to the initial position.

Always remember to warm up well before you start, and stretch once you've finished your workout! This will prevent you from unpleasant surprises the next day! Finally, always remember to hydrate yourself well.

Cellulite Sport Squat Buttocks Istock.

11. Wear graceful clothes

Certain garments, such as leggings, belts, or coats, are specifically designed to reproduce massages such as touching and rolling on the skin. Others contain drying and firming cosmetic formulations. Basically, the process remains the same. To maximize the effectiveness of such leggings, wear them during your workout, or if you fail to do so, during your day.

12. Use of plants and nutritional supplements

To maximize your chances, you can also consume plants and nutritional supplements with draining and detoxifying effects. Some plants are rich in active ingredients:

Caffeine helps eliminate cellulite. However, this does not mean that you should consume a lot of it. Excessive coffee intake is harmful to the body, however, there is proper care.

Green tea promotes the breakdown of fats thanks to its detoxifying and antioxidant capacity.

Aloe vera helps tighten the skin in general. From the face to the buttocks and thighs feel free to use it!

Some essential oils also have draining, strengthening, and firming properties. This is especially the case with grapefruit or rosemary, you can mix a few drops of it with vegetable oil (jojoba, sweet almond, argan, evening primrose, etc.) and massage yourself with it.

However, you should be aware that grapefruit essential oil causes photosensitivity, which means that you will not be able to expose yourself to sunlight for 6 hours after applying it to the skin. It is best to use it in the evening. Likewise, always be vigilant about essential oils, which contain powerful active ingredients. Always do an allergy test before using them, check for possible contraindications, and do not hesitate to seek advice from a health professional.

You can also take nutritional supplements to help you with this process. Those containing hyaluronic acid and collagen are to be preferred. It will stimulate the body's natural production, promote the elimination of body fat, while restoring skin tone. It is a treatment that generally lasts over a period of 3 weeks.


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